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HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer - Cyber-hobby (1/700)

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Another recently arrived model to my workbench: HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer from Cyber-hobby (1/700 scale)


I already started to paint some parts of this model and I'm using the following WEM Colourcoats references:

WEMCC M16 - Modern Royal Navy Deck Grey, Light

WEMCC M01 - Modern Royal Navy Light Weatherwork Grey

It's the same WEM references I used on my Type 23 Duke Frigate resin model I bought to WEM a few years ago.

This time by the photos I've seen it seems the deck grey of the Type 45 Daring destroyers is a little bit darker than the deck grey of the Type 23 Duke Frigates.

Am I using the correct WEM colour reference to paint to decks of my Type 45 Daring Destroyer?



Ayala Botto

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