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HMS Ocean L12 Amphibious Assault Ship - Orange Hobby (1/700)

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I bought my HMS Ocean (Orange Hobby) 4 months ago from WEM, but I did not yet start it since I'm resuming now to build 1/700 model warships after 5/6 years period dedicated to 1/87 (H0 gauge) scale model trains, as you can notice in my signature. (BTW, why do not visit my page on Facebook and click the "like" button? )

For this reason I'm resuming with easier projects that will make me gaining confidence in order to be more confortable to work on more complex models like HMS Ocean.

Starting with some reviews of this model:



As you can see I already started working on the hull:


I'm looking for a configuration with the flight deck packed with helicopters for my HMS Ocean.

Right now and the configuration is not yet "closed" but I would like to pack the flight deck with the following type of helicopters:

4x Apaches (Orange Hobby)

??x Sea King Commando HC-4 (L'Arsenal or WEM????)

??x Merlins EH-101 (Orange Hobby)

2x Sea Kings ASW (WEM)

2x/4x Lynx (WEM)

1x Chinook CH-47 (PitRoad or Tamiya JMSDF Ohsumi)

I'm not sure if it make sense to have Sea Kings ASW on HMS Ocean.....

I'm not sure also if Sea Kings HC-4 were replaced by the EH-101 Merlins.....

A pack of extra 4x Apaches and 4x Merlin EH-101 Helicopters from Horange Hobby (also from WEM) should be on the way in order to complete the original 2x helicopters of each type included in the original model.

What do you think about the configuration of the air wing mentioned above?

And what about deck vehicles? What options are available?



Ayala Botto

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