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Revell 1/32 Arado 196

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Hello guys.

This is my 1st post here.

I'm in the scale modelling scene for many years, but until now i've been building mostly AFV's and military dioramas.

This is my 1st attempt at large scale airplanes, and i'm proud to show you the finished model.

It's the Arado 196-A3 by Revell in 1/32 scale.

The model was upgraded with Eduard's BIG-ED Photo etch set and metal gun barrels by "Master-Model"












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It is work like this that sold me on this aircraft. Great job! How is that wing root area? I heard it is a bear to get it to line up correctly.


It's indeed tricky to position.

The root area has no assembly pins, and thus the parts tends to seperate by applying excessive force on the joints.

While building the model, i tried to minimize touching these areas ...

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STUNNING. Mine's on the bench awaiting the first spru-cut. Yours will serve as the standard. Great work from fit to finish. Suggest you divorce all but aircraft as the rest of us will benefit greatly from you work. Would appreciate a step-by-step build article with your next masterpiece.


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