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Israeli A-4N Circa 1980

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Hi folks!

I'm working on an A-4N from Israel and I'm going to depict an aircraft from 1980/81. A doubt came up regarding the position of national roundels under the wings. I've seen some pictures from different dates where the roundels appears sometimes inside the outter pylons, sometimes outside these pylons, and in some pictures it looks like there's no roundel at all.

Was there any standard in 1980's?




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Maybe THIS would assist. I see there are some shots with under-wing roundels. By the looks and shape the poor thing is in, it looks to be from around that era.


I don't think that is useful.... in the 80s those were in difference place and only in two opposite positions under/on top of wings... when I'll be at home I check for you on Isradecal book....


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