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Start-Building the 1/100 Discovery Shuttle

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Just begin my new Shuttle Project, test fitting the Shuttle kit, very nice and perfect.

She will be depict as Landing STS-131 Wheel-Stop...


Another view, the fit is superb. Main wings and fuselage are accurate enough.


More works and progress in due....

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Hi Guys,

Its been awhile since i last post..now i'm resuming this build and will add the pictures as I progress more.

Building the cockpit now..

I'll try finish her up soonest as I possibly can.....my Space Shuttle buddy here Mike is chasing me... :bandhead2:/>



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So this is the 1/100th eh? ... This'll be good to watch one of your lovely replicas come together!

Those windows George ... are they a decal over the kit's 'glass' ... or are they your own decal? Or are they something else? They already look pretty good!



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Thanks Guys,

Pete, your Tamiya Endeavour Shuttle gave inspiration to build a Space Shuttle in 1/100 scale.

I guess in this scale the Shuttle is mid-way between 1/72 & 1/144.

Those are photocopies windows of Kit decals I used to align up the cockpit windows and see how well they match up.

Once I aligned them correctly, I'll work out the windows outline edges.

I'm working on cockpit interior now and painting them before closing the fuselage halves...pictures to follow once done.

Well..this is actually my first Tamiya Shuttle kit I am building! :whistle:



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A Little progress made here....

painting and detail the cockpit.


I realized that not much can be seen after the cockpit is installed into the Shuttle.. <_<


So it was kept simple and I painted it accordingly to the Assembly Instructions.


Well ....more updates later :rolleyes:


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The cockpit installed and fuselage are assembled..the fit is perfect!

Its now time to smooth the seams and detail the windows..more pictures later.... :rolleyes:/>/>


basis frame for cockpit windows added..it will be covered by decals.


Back to the work bench...! :crying2:/>/>

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After a long break...this Shuttle get additional works..


The fuselage and cockpit seams are finished and sanded smooth.


most of the major work are done in preparing the model for base spray.

Next to work will be the tail section & SSME bulkhead.

Work continues... :rolleyes:

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A little more work on the cockpit...it needs to be 'adjusted'

and conforms to the cockpit decal...hmm :wacko: the clear windows sits a bit high when compare to the

real Shuttle cockpit.


Once the cockpit windows are aligned correctly with the decal..I'll move on to the other section that needs

upgrade or correction like the tail drag compartment & main wing tips.


Well..:pray: that's the hard or fun part I hope to get it done before model is ready for paint!

work continues...

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Installed the Bay load doors....they are very nice and actually works great.. :whistle: !


Pity the bayload doors have to be glue in closed position :o ....this depict the Shuttle in landing.

They are really very nice and detailed.


The doors fit perfectly...as typical Tamiya quality kit.


More to come as progress still on going...stay tuned! :wave:

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Made a bit progress here.

Glue the bayload doors shut, their fit is quite perfect. :rolleyes:/>


The wings does fit pretty well.I guess no much filler require or little is needed.

I still need to modify and correct the wing tips and elevons.


until then.... :D/>

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok..here's the recent works on the wing tips and Tail chute..



The gap between the elevons needs to be widen a bit too...hmmm :unsure:


A little more finishing & refining the tail drag chute before the model goes to primer.

More to process....until then.!

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You are certainly making good progress on this now. The cockpit windows look much better and more accurate than the kit supplied decal. :thumbsup:

I can't wait to see you start painting this.


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Finally got most modifications done on the Shuttle.

I gave the part a few coats of primer to check things out.

The Cockpit windows are adjusted and it took me quite a while to align them properly

with photos as references.


Main Landing Gears and Nose Gear painted and assemble.

Its funny the way the parts are put together..you have to assemble the whole landing gears and attached onto the wings

before joining to the fuselage.


except for nose gear assembly which can be install later.


The main landing gear are nicely detailed, but it had to be assemble into the wheel gear bay first.


The main wings are attached after the landing gears are finished.


The Tail rudder is moveable...it allows several positions on the Shuttle during landing...acting as a air-brake when split in half.


Its time to fill and fix the wing joints getting it for painting...so it continues.. :rolleyes:

Discovery has more weathering patterns, so its a bit more challenging to duplicate, hopefully it can

be pull off.. :pray:

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