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Start-Building the 1/100 Discovery Shuttle

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Finally Hotdog's awesome HD tile decals arrives...

its incredible well detailed and finely printed! :jaw-dropping:/>

Highly recommend for anyone doing accurate detailing on their shuttle model.


Next progress update should have the Shuttle upper fuselage painted & decaled!


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I was lucky this week and got a pre-built Tamiya shuttle for 8 EUR! When it arrived I was even happier seeing that the original builder had not been too experianced yet. All parts had been pre-painted with a brush but that also meant that the glue did not stick. I was able to take the shuttle apart in about 30min. Now the parts are waiting for a bath in "Drano" to remove the paint. The latest Tamiya edition decal sheet I can get from a model shop here and maybe also the new sprue H with the updated parts. On the downside...I am missing one main engine! If the restauration goes along well I may ask one of the 3D artists to re-scale the engines they have on Shapeways to 1/100, up or down is possible from the current offers. Tile decals will be a problem though...unless HotDog releases his set again...PLEASE!!!




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Be advised, the decals I have for the Tamiya shuttle are incomplete. The markings are all there (more accurate and complete than the kit decals), but I only have tile decals for the belly. I never finished my Tamiya shuttle build after messing up on the window mask.


Shoot me a PM with your mailing address and I'll see about printing you a set. I'll have to look and see what I charged Jetplane, plus shipping to Germany. I take Paypal.

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Preshaded the worn TPS on Discovery.. its a tedious job masking them..🥶



Discovery had more weathered looks, those patches needs to be darken later, its another task which requires careful application.


The TPS weathering-patches on the model is placed & painted accordingly to the exact spot I found in all pictures of Discovery.


Well, time to work on the wings later, I need a break..🤧






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Masking the main wings as latest build of this Tamiya kit..




I use various pictures from NASA to determine each position of the TPS shades on the upper wings.




Once done, painting will follows.





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Here is some final checks and cockpit alignment with the nice HD Decals.



I made the photocopied template decals, cut and fit them to the windows, seems ok..but I found something.....🤔



The 'tear' black tiles which is distinctive mark on Discovery Right side cockpit appears not be in correct shape in the decal.

So I guess I have to cut this extra black area away when I apply them onto the shuttle windows.



The actual black tiles pattern is here.   it doesn't have that 'hook' pattern as with the decals.



Until then, cheers..







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Looking great, Jetplane!


That "hook" you see was present on earlier versions of Discovery. My intention was to include it, and give modelers the option to snip it off if they planned to depict the latter version. Better to have it, than to have not.


Can't wait to see your finished product!

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Oh, thanks Hotdog.


Its good to know you included them.


When will the HD tiles decal ( 1/100) for the nose chins ready?  can you make them soon and the tail section too?


I have another 3 Tamiya Shuttle kits, could use the tiles decals on them in  my future build...😎


Let me know ya?





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3 minutes ago, Hotdog said:

FYI Photo showing the "hook" on early Discovery...





Yeah, it is there on the early version of OV-103.. If I am not mistaken, someone said that the cockpit black tile fell off during one of Discovery mission, so they replaced

it with a white tile of same shape.


In the photo, you can see that tile is much whiter than the surrounding tiles..





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Well, finally I got the TPS base various shades painted on the wings!😛



Next thing is to paint the black-grey tiles and cockpit sections..



The decals will be the last details to add in after major painting are done..😮



HD 1/100 decals fits pretty well, but a little trimming is needed for the wing section here..








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Thanks Pete,


I am on the home run now....trying to get those black tiles and rcc sections painted..hopefully this weekend.


HD tile decals does not cover some upper areas of the Shuttle, so I have to blend in the colors when

painting them. I go slowly on them.



Stay safe guys,



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A bit painting now on the front section of nose..



Should be able to complete the black areas and details soon.




Masking the black areas took me considerable time, I should finish it in a day or so. 


Until then cheers...😎



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Thanks a lot guys,


Almost done, it took me a day to finish the black tiles painting, detailing soon to follow...



Meanwhile, here's some photos of the progress..😊



I need to rework the rear SSME 3 gimbals, a new rings will be install, it should look what I've seen in NASA pictures.




OV-103 needs more 'dirt' weathering....that will be slowly apply once major painting is completed & decals are placed.




Well, next step...will be..... Detaling more on the markings.!!😛


Until then, have a nice day!








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