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All good things come to an end

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Iran-Iraq War Group build has finally come to an end after 6 months.

11 modellers managed to finish 16 beautiful models!

You might ask why 11/16 if I can count only 10 modellers and 15 models? The thing is that ARC member vestehpes had his F-5 finished in December but his girlfriend accidentally droped it off the table. He went on repairing damage and did it so, but when he was finished, just before Christmas he got very ill and was hospitalized and spent most of the holidays in the intensive care. A couple of days ago he was transfered from intensive and let me know what happened to him. In the good spirit of the holidays I decided to count him and his model as eligible for the raffle and stay tuned to see his model as soon as he is released from the hospital.

Raffle will be held in the following days and results with prizes posted in a separate thread.

Once again, thank you for participating in this Group Build and Happy New Year to everyone!



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