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2013 Sale! Let's Ring In the New Year!

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I don't spend nearly as much time on ARC as I should admittedly. More often than not, I just don't have the hours in a 24hr day to get sucked into this ridiculously awesome website. More than Facebook or my Email, ARC turns into a black hole for me when I log on to here that I have a hard time getting away from!!! Sorry for that everyone.

All that being said,it's obviously one of the best ways to get news out to all of you so in that vein, here we go.

After I got back from my son's neck of the woods for the holidays, I made the conscious decision to do something about the older inventory we have over here. With my release plans kicking up again starting this new year, I definitely need to make some room. I've decided to take the lions share of our 48th scale products and reduce their pricing to the original price point that we had here at Twobobs back in 2000/2001 when we started the business! That means you're going to see standard price sheets that are normally in the $12-$14 range permanently reduced to $9.00!

Some caveats:

Missile Marking sheets will remain at $10.00 due to the fact that they are a recurring item that is continuously re-released

All Clearance priced items (mostly in 72nd and 32nd scale) will retain their Clearance pricing of $3-$5

Newly released and all future releases will retain their traditional pricing of $14-$15 each

So there you have it guys! We have inventory available that was previously released between 2005-2012 that is now reduced to $9.00! Most of these sheets are at a fairly low inventory state (less than 50 sheets available) so get em while you can!

Thanks for all your patronage over the last 12 years and we're super excited over here to what 2013 will bring!

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