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Question - Tire decals

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Would anyone be willing share how you prepare, decal, seal, etc rubber tires? Do the tires need to be cleaned first? I learned the hard way on my first car build to insert the wheels BEFORE putting the decals on the tire (decals flaked right off as the tire flexed to accept the wheels). Once the decals are on, what do you use, if anything, to seal the decals? How about any weathering to the tires if you want the car to look like it has gone a lap or two? Thanks for any advice.

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If you're doing the rub on decals like come with tamiya kits just do all your sanding of the tread and whatever then give the tire a good wipe down and follow the application process. I've never had to put anything on them once installed.

If normal decals you can use future to set them or other gloss products then hit with a flat. Micro sol and such works as well. But again do all your sanding or whatnot first.

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