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Yes considerable patients is required for anyone wishing to attempt a project like this. For the most part the hard part is trying to figure out how to do all of these things. It's sometime a little disheartening to see other peers finishing their GB project but I know that the toiling away will be well worth it. I may not make the deadline (though I hope I can)....but I will make it across the finish line.

More news. An order for 1/144 pilot figures arrived today. Now I can finish the flight deck. I decided it would save time buying them instead of doing this :bandhead2: in trying to make them. Also I decided last week to make the spoilers from etched brass (why I proceeded with opening the wings up). A member of my local model club is going to lend me an etching kit to accomplish that at next months meeting.

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Some of the progress made this week.

I finished the flight deck sub-assembly. The pilot figures were painted and seated.


Also visible are the engine pod pieces I am working on. Right now I am test fitting the pod halves so what you see is still not glue together. The engine compressor face and turbine stage pieces received a preliminary coat of paint.

I have also been busy modifying the wing pieces. I installed a filler plate behind the spoiler well and a plate underneath the well's opening earlier this week.


This picture shows one wings with both components installed and another with the filler plate alone. Note the well plate(between both wing pieces). I learned from the crude method I used before to attach the strips that hold the plate level onto it before gluing the plate to the wing. Fine adjustment with jewelers files was required to make both filler and well plates fit to size.


And finally I just finished installing the visible structural elements within the spoiler well of one of the wings.


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This week...


Quite a lot has been done.


Where do I start. I am painting many of the sub-assemblies to be install before I seal the fuselage together. This has been delayed up till now as cool and windy weather prevailed most of the month. The tires, fan pieces, cockpit and tail has received paint. In addition I have closed up the aft part of the engine pods and started to build the Hound Dog missiles 10-23 was carrying during it the test flight. Special thanks to John53 for providing the weapons spares to use for this project.

And here is the highlight of my efforts, the painting of the tail structural elements.


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Work has been sporadic over the last two months. I haven't been in the building mood on top of having to spend much of my free time last month studying for a certification test.

But with testing behind me for now I've been working to make up lost time. I have focused on installing all the necessary items within the fuselage before I close it for good. Today I attached the rear MLG well into the model. In addition small strips of card were glued onto both halves to support the forward gear door panels and various hatches that will be installed after the fuselage halves are closed up.



I also turned my attention to building a furnishings that the display stand will mate to. I filed an opening forward of the rear gear well piece on each half (see first photo). Next two former bulkheads were cut and shaped. That I accomplished over the course of this week. It took several iterations before I got it right. Between the formers will go two long panels, one of which has laminated blocks. This is where the "male" part of the display stand will interface into. Final assembly of this structure and test fitting will soon follow.


Finally the engine pods were assembled and undergoing filling where the pylon and pod meet.

Later this week I want to modify the AGM-28 parts I received earlier last month. The missile pieces have some inaccuracies but most so subtle in nature that they can be ignored; except one. The wing span is too great and the sweep angle too shallow. The missile parts are 1.5" in span. In scale the Hound Dog would be approximately 1" in span. Using some reference photos I think I have come to the appropriate wing seep and planform shape that is more accurate than Mini-craft's engineering.

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The bonding process did not go well. There were places along the join that refused to stay fixed together. My guess is the boxes for the landing gear wells were slighty wider than the overall width of the fuselage. Thus I needed to use thin card stock and CA glue to bond all open seams. (Note the white lines that run along the join).


The ventral side of the model required the most shimming. Some panels have yet to be installed. Right now that can wait until the dorsal seam is filled and sanded. One application of filler has already been applied. The fresh filler was put down earlier this evening. Some might notice the lack of filler just forward of the tail fin. This was probably the only place that bonded well and with no seam requiring filler.



I just discovered the wing roots are out of alignment by over 1/32". Additionally the trailing edge of the port wing root is narrower than the starboard side. Boy is that an unforseen headache...:/

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On 9/12/2019 at 12:53 AM, Dutch said:

Watching.  Love the commitment and progress thus far.  


Dutch, This thread was part of a Boeing Group build 6 years ago and the thread originator has not visited the forum since April 2018.


So I expect you will be waiting for a while for an update 😄

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