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1/72 Sea King 6-blades tail rotor replacement kit

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Looking for 1/72 Sea King 6-blade tail rotor replacement kit to replace the Fujimi and Revell kit which contains only the 5-blade tail rotor.

Any idea is there any manufacturer produce the 1/72 Sea King 6-blade tail rotor?



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Have you tried Aeroclub in the UK, I think they may have one. If not Whirlybits in one of their conversion sets.

Or you could see if someone has an unused Airfix or Fujimi- 6 blade tail rotor lying around. Or am I misreading your post and do you want something else than the Fujimi TR?

I for sure had about a whole pile of 6 blade TR's but I just cannot find them now. I am quite sure that the Fujimi Sea Kings I built had a 6 blade TR included besides the 5 blade one. Don't know about the quality though.

Good Luck!


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Some of the Revell Seaking-kits with german markings do have the 6-bladed rotor, even though it´s not used in the kit. It´s part of a sprue that contains parts needed for the modern MK.41-version, like the EAPS.


Have a look at the first picture, the sprue on top left.

So maybe contacting Revells departement X for a replacement rotor will be successful.


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