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1/35 SOC-R build

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This is something new I tried to build. What's it all about? The Special Operations Craft - Riverine (to quote GlobalSecurity) is a high speed boat with ample weapons and equipment capacity. The mission of the SOC-R craft is to perform Short Range Insertion (SRI) of Special Operation Forces in a riverine environment. The Special Operations Craft Riverine (SOC-R) provide Naval Special Warfare the capability to insert/extract SEALs in a riverine environment. The craft must be capable of operating in shallow, confined waters, have the ability to suppress fire or break contact with hostile forces and be fast and maneuverable. It must be air transportable internally and externally and air drop capable. The SOC-R must be able to beach on mud riverbanks and on unobstructed shorelines where surf is less than two feet. Each craft is manned by a crew of four Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) crew-members and can carry eight personnel.

In real life it looks like this:


I've decided to do it in 1/35 scale as there is no kit out there so why not build one myself? I have to thank Austin (arkhunter2002), that built his great dio in 1/72 and couldn't have started it probably without his help. One thing I can't figure out why is the lack of quality reference on this boat. So anything and everything helps!

Here's the build so far:







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Yes, but am still waiting for the PE to be finished. I had a few snags on the design of the PE so it's being worked out. To see the extent here's a few pics:

Just a test piece to show a friend how the PE will need to work aroun the corners...


the green will be covered by antislip and all the hatches and handles will be added separately.


It will take a few more days until I get my hands on the boat. Thanks for the interest

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Well here's a bit of a sneak preview. It's a late update but it was worth it. A friend (an exquisite modeler himself) helped me out with the PE. There's a boat load of detail (pun intended) and I can't wait to get my hands on it this week... More to come soon!



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I finally picked up my boat and this is the extent of the PE. Some details still have to be redesigned as I don't have accurate measurements for the engine cover handles and the side armor cut-outs. If anyone has an idea about these, I'd be more than happy to hear you out.

My friend really has great skills with PE, and I can't thank him enough and if you have a project that needs PE stuff like this, I'd highly recommend him just let me know. Anyway enough bragging about him, here's what I have so far:





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