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Anniston April 6, 2013 Model Show!

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IPMS Phantom Phlashers annual Phurball is fast approaching! The 2013 Edition will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2013 @ the Anniston City Meeting Center

This years Grand Raffle Prize has been graciously donated by Lynn Jones and is a framed John Shaw print featuring Col. Bud Anderson’s ‘Old Crow’ P-51 and is signed by Col. Anderson & 7 other P-51 Mustang pilots


“RAMROD– Outward Bound” features the signatures of:

Col. Clarence E. "Bud" ANDERSON - Triple Ace with 16.25 victories

Maj. William H. ALLEN - Ace with 5 victories

Capt. Clinton D. BURDICK - Ace with 6 victories

Col. Art C. FIEDLER - Ace with 8 victories

Col. Joe A. PETERBURS - 1 Victory

Col. Steve PISANOS - Double Ace with 10 victories

Col. Lawrence POWELL - Ace with 5.5 victories

Capt. Clint WHITE - 15th Air Force P-51 pilot

The Contest will feature:

Best Phantom Award | any Phantom from any operator

Best Corvette | Any Chevrolet Corvette from 1953-2013

Best spacecraft of fact or fiction

Best 1943 WWII armor subject

Best 1943 WWII non-armor subject

Lucky 13 | Any model wearing the #13

The BEST raffle in the southeast!

Vendor table indormation:

Vendor tables may be purchased for $20.00 per table. Anyone reserving more than five tables will be charged $20.00 for the first table and $15.00 for each additional table.


Trey Rush | email: rushwal@gmail.com

Phone: (205) 478-4091

You can find all the contest forms, directions, and other info here: http://www.phantomphlashers.org/anniston.html

Send questions to: phantomphocus@gmail.com

We'll see y'all in Anniston!

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VERRRRRRRY misleading subject heading. I thought Jennifer Aniston was going to be appearing at a model show in which case I would definitely plan on showing up even if it meant I had to enter an unpainted Snap-Tite.


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1 month to go! We've sold 51 vendor tables as of today. Also, we have Iwata airbrushes, Dremel sets, and about 100 kits in the raffle already! This is on top of the framed print signed by Bud Anderson & others!

Mark your calendars, this one will be a blast!

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For some reason, Adobe player isn't working for me. Is there any way you could give me the address of the civic center by any chance. If I remember right, it's Quintard ave. Thanks a bunch!


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Anniston City Meeting Center

1615 Noble Street

Anniston, AL

You turn off if Quintard on to 17th I believe. The donut shop that was at the intersection has closed, so OMG! Donuts is vacant. The building was originally a Hardee's.

Up to 180 items in the raffle!

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Awsome show. I was particularly impressed by that HK B-25 diorama. Wonderful details. I don't know if I met any of y'all, but it was good talking to some of the folks there. I didn't spend too much, but my brother suckered me into helping him pay for a Trumpeter 1/200 Airizona kit. That thing is HUGE!!! I hope I can make it again next year.


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