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F-16AM 31Sq NTM 2005, B.A.F. 1/48

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After a loooong time (about 2 years) i finally manage to finish this model...

Too little space on my new house, and too little time for modelling. :(

My in-progress posts are here:


Sorry for the incompleted in-progress...

The F-16AM finished on his base.











I'm also thinking to load 2 AMRAAMs on the Tips cause they are too.. empty...!

Thanks for your time gentlemen... :)


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Very nice, (just a few small remarks: no RAM plating behind the trailing edge on Belgian F-16 mlu"s and i doubt they already had the JHMCS thingie inside cockpit in 2005 )

:thumbsup:/> :thumbsup:/> :thumbsup:/>

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Thanks a lot for your kind comments guys...! The nose drop fix is included on my in progress topic, check it on my first post.

31Tiger thanks for your comments. I didn't knew that BAF F-16s don't have ram plates there.. I also thing you are right for the hmcs sensor... Tape2 software installed after 2005...?

Thanks again!!!

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