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Thanks everyone hope I have responded to all of you if not again sorry please hit me on a pm. Will have updated pics of all the kits left this week. Thank you all for your support to Lachelle. It is so awesome to see all of us taking care of one of our own. You guys are the best. Erick

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Great Erick that you spend your time and energy in these kit sales for Rich Herron's widow, Lachelle. For me the kits are quite interesting as I'm just about to re-start aircraft modelling after a break of some 25 years! Many of the depicted kits are out of stock already for a long time. So it's a good chance to get some of the older long sought kits.

I'm waiting now for your new photos of the remaining stock. Good luck with selling the rest of the lot! :)

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Good morning!

I feel like a circling buzzard looking at this stash - but I have spent a week searching the globe (literally!) looking for a kit that I spied stuffed under 50 other kits in your post.

I DESPERATELY need the Revell UH-1H Gunship #04421 in 1:32. PLEASE tell me that you still have it. I have made a list of others that I would like to have - but this "find" is almost a miracle and I am holding my breath waiting for your response.

Thanks and please let me know ASAP. I will Pony Express the $$ to wherever is has to be TODAY!

Kevin Farrell



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