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1/72 Welsh Models L-188 Lockheed Electra

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It's been quite a while since I actually posted anything over here. I have had a few family issues and health issues of my own to deal with, but now all is good and I can get back into some serious modelling again. So, without further babbling here is my 1/72 Welsh Models L-188 Electra in TAA livery of the 1960's (Hawkeye Decals). The fuselage is vacform but the wings and tail planes are solid resin. Not the funnest kit in the world but a nice result at the end.

I am dedicating this build to my late father who passed away last July. He worked on these at TAA from 1960-85.





And with the might Orion developed from the same fuselage


I hope you like it

Edited by Andrew Doppel
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Hello Andrew.

Sorry for your loss..MY condolences ..


I am sure that your Father would have loved that and its a very fitting tribute to him and his work. : :worship:

Excellent choice for a build and she turned out BEAUTIFULLY.be proud . :salute:

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