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Weapons School Dynamic Duo

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the 433rd WPS F-15C has finally been paired up with the F-22. Italeri 1:48th kit with spare decals from the Academy F-22 kit and some other decals to make the billboard tail markings. The Italeri kit gives me some challenges every time, including that nasty seam across the top of the front-to-rear fuselage connection. I can never get it to disappear completely

the F-15C can be also seen here:







thanks for looking,



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VERY, VERY, VERY, nice looking pair Ken. Whats your formula for the finish of the Raptor??

Inquiring minds wanna know!!


Jack aka bugfan

thanks a lot Jack!

The Raptor has dark ghost grey for the flat grey parts, Krylon Matte Nickel spray for the main color (I stink at airbrushing metallics) and dark grey for the camo pattern. It represents the look of a new F-22, a well-weathered one is really hard to do!

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Great job, Ken. Wish I stunk at airbrushing metallics like you do! One question: What casing are you using to mount the model to the base? It looks too small for a 20mm casing. I've considered using a 20mm for a 1/32 scale model, but it just looks to big for a 1/48 fighter.


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Back at ya, Ken. I must be losing my eyesight! After a closer look, I now see that it's your usual method using brass and acrylic rod. But, if you do look at it, the way the wood reflects onto the brass and acrylic rod, it does look similar to a brass shell casing. Maybe I'd better stop while I'm ahead.


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Ken, both are incredible builds! The colors and sheen on the Raptor particularly looks right on like the real thing. You also know I like them in flight so that is another reason for a big :thumbsup:/> Also, check your PM.

thanks Richard!

Very good, especially on the Raptor, that is hard to get looking right.70.gif

thanks Shawn!

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