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Brian P: Fightertown Decals

FS: everything in my collection

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Time to clean house on the hobby shop in the garage. I'm getting out of the hobby for the most part. (Making decals will be my modeling hobby fix) All kits stored well, non-smoking home. I'm open to negotiating on prices but first come, first serve. Will add more as I go through the boxes.

PM's are full. Please leave a response in the thread and/or email to fightertowndecals@yahoo.com

Shipping from 94599. Prefer CONUS. Most kits will ship packed well and wrapped in brown paper or in a separate box. I can break down any of the larger boxes to save on shipping (ie: Monogram A-6/EA-6B). Looks like most 1/48 kits now ship around $10. You can figure a good estimate by putting the dimensions in the USPS calculator.

Trade wants:

1/144 Revell F/A-18C

1/144 Dragon EA-6B

1/144 Jwings F/A-18C

1/144 Jwings S-3



AFV F-5E Air Force Aggressor $30


(3) F-14A Pacific Fleet $35

(2) F-14A Atlantic Fleet $35

F-14B VF-102 $45

F-14A early VF-1 $45

F-14D VF-2 25th Anniv $45

F/A-18C Chippy Ho 04 $40

F/A-18C (no kit decals) Fightertown VFA-97/146 sheet $35

F-16N +AM cockpit coaming, seat, exhaust and lots of pictures $25

F-16B + Black Box B cockpit $50


F-117 + partial 2B decals $35

F-16 Thunderbirds +RR blk 15/25 wheels $38

F-16C/N Adversary +detail up parts+RR Blk30/32 wheels $45

F-16C/N Adversary +RR Blk30/32 wheels $40


EA-6B+Gfactor gear +FTD 48033 $30

F-5F $25

A-4F ProModeler Blue Angels (Hasegawa) sealed +TD seats $30


F-16C 52+ Greek $22

F-16A/B Adversary $20

E-2C 4 blade $45

E-2C 8 blade $45

E-2C JASDF $45

EA-6B Prowler $38

(3)A-6E SWIP Intruder $30

(2)S-2F Tracker $36


SH-60B +FTD48029 SH-60F $15


A-6E +Gfactor gear, Verlinden cockpit, FTD48037 $40


(2)Academy F/A-18C $70

Tamiya F-14A 94 +Teknics cockpit set, Eduard PE, AM wheels, $100

Tamiya F-14 94 with Teknics cockpit. No original box. $70

Trumpeter F-14D $120

Trumpeter F/A-18E $120



E-2C JASDF $15

E-2C 2000 $15

F-14D VF-213 last cruise $20

F-14D VF-31 last cruise $20

F/A-18A/C 2 kits (started minor assembly but no painting. Dropped flaps on one $10

F/A-18F $10

F/A-18D + MAW 72001 with insert $10

F/A-18B TOPGUN $10


F-14A combo. Build any block Tomcat. includes VF-1/2 Early and VF-154 late. Also includes extra sprues, some hasegawa parts, extra decals $25


Dragon sets

SH-60B $5

VF/A-103 14/18F combo $5

(2)F-14D VF-213 $5

(2)F-14D VF-31 $5

(4)Jwings (Alpha) F/A-18Ds, VMFA-121 Hi/Low viz, VMFA-242 Hi/Low viz $10



Aires F/A-18C cockpit $10


Aires F/A-18C Cockpit $20

Aires NACES $6

Black Box F-14A cockpit $20

Black Box F-14D cockpit $20

Black Box F-14 Bombcat $20

CMK modern Navy Pilots $6

(3)DrPepperResin GE cans $6

(2)Eduard F/A-18F cockpit Zoom FE334 $5

(2)Eduard F-14D cockpit Zoom FE221 $5

Royal Resins F-16 Blk 5/15/25 $5

Royal Resins F-16 Blk 30/32 $5

Quickboost F-15D Aces $6

Wolfpack F-14B/D Update $15

Decals - +shipping $2 for 1-5 sheets, $3 for 6-8, $5 for 9 and up

$4 for 8x10 sheets


Aeromaster 48709A F-8 Crusaders Pt1 $6

Aeromaster 48535A Navy EA-6B Prowlers Pt2 $6

Afterburner Decals 48015 F/A-18E VFA-105 (both correction inserts) $16

Afterburner Decals 48025 Pax River Hornets F/A-18A-F $16

Afterburner Decals 48011 F/A-18F VFA-41 $10

Afterburner Decals 48013 F/A-18F VFA-211 $10

Afterburner Decals 48017 Superhornet Data $10

Afterburner Decals 48021 Eagle Wing Kings #2 $10

Afterburner Decals 48033 Aussie Hornets $16

Afterburner Decals 48030 F-16 ANG Wing Kings $30

Afterburner Decals 48034 F-16 Arctic Vipers $30

Cam-pro 48006 F-14A VF-21 '95, VF-41 '2000 $4

Cutting Edge SR-71 pt1 48292 $25

Cutting Edge SR-71 pt 2 48293 $25

Eagle Strike 48052 Tomcats Part V (w/ both correction inserts) VF-14, VF-213 $5

Fightertown Decals 32006 VF-31 Felix 101 $20

Flying Leathernecks 48003 Lords and Angels, ODS F/A-18 $5

Mike Grant Cockpit Decals 1/48 $5

Repliscale decals all sealed in original packing

Repliscale 5024 F-14 Libyan Mig Killers/VF-74 $15

Repliscale 5012 F-14 VF-194 $20

Repliscale 5011 F-14 VF-201/VF191 $20

Superscale 48326 F-14 LoViz Data (1 set formation lights cutout) $2.50

Superscale 48-416 Desert Storm Intruders $5

Superscale 48-1010 VF-211 Sunset $5

Superscale 48-1054 S-3B Vikings VS-30 CAG $5

VFDecals F-14D VF-31 Last Tomcat Cruise $10

Yellowhammer 48031 F-14D VF-213 Last Cruise $5


Mike Grant Cockpit Decals 1/48 $5

Superscale 72649 Loviz S-3 VA-32/33 $2.50


MYK Design

VF-103 Jolly Rogers Final Cruise $10

VF-103 Jolly Rogers Happy XMAS $10

VF-2 Bounty Hunters 98/03 $10



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Sent you an email for the SR-71 decals:

Cutting Edge SR-71 pt1 48292 $25

Cutting Edge SR-71 pt 2 48293 $25

Hope I'm not too late...

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Brian, if you're willing to send to me up in Canada, I'll take the 1/72 VF-213 F-14.

Can be reached at dkobayashi@hotmail.ca

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Updated the list by removing all the sold stuff.

Shipping notices have been sent out on everything that's shipped. Next round going out Friday.

Emails sent out on all the pending stuff. If we have a pending deal (you haven't sent money) and didn't get an email from me today, feel free to send me an email and we'll get everything handled.



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If these are still available, I'll take them:


(2) F-14A Pacific Fleet $35 (just one)

(1) F-14A Atlantic Fleet $35


F-16C 52+ Greek $22

PM incoming, i'm in N. Calif 95822

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Just a PSA here - I'm off for a trip Sat Feb 16-Tues Feb 19. I won't be checking emails or forums during that time.

For status updates:

1 Deals that are completed and shipped have tracking info emailed from me/ups/usps.

2 Deals that are paid but not shipped will go out asap when I return on Wed/Thurs.

3 Deals that are pending with payment agreements - everythings good. I'll check payments and ship Wed/Thurs.

4 Deals pending without payment agreements - we're good. We'll handle arrangements when I return Wed/Thurs.

5 For new inquires, I'll get back to you on Wed/Thurs.

6 Have new stuff to post next week as well. Multiples on a lot of stuff.

thanks all again! Have a great long weekend!



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I'm interested in any of the Hasegawa 1/48 F-14's or F/A-18C's you may have left. Thanks!


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