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Overview about Helicopter Related News from NBG 2013

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as requested in other Threads, I composed a list of all helo-related news for 2013 from Nuremberg.


Bölkow Bo-105, 1:72, new tool

Kamov Ka-22 "Vintokryl", 1:72, new tool


Merlin HC.3, 1:48, new tool (already released)

Sea King HAR:3, 1:72, re-issue

Attack Squadron:

K-Max, 1:72, new tool

AZModel:new tool

Bell AH-1G Cobra "late", 1:72. new tool

Bell AH-1G Cobra "special", 1:72. new tool

Bell AH-1G Cobra "international", 1:72. new tool

Bell AH-1Q Cobra, 1:72. new tool

Hughes OH-6A "USA",1:72, new variant

Kawasaki OH-6A, 1:72, new variant

Hughes OH-6A "International", 1:72, new variant


SH-3D Sea King US Navy, 1:72, new variant (already released)


V-22 Osprey, 1:72, new tool

Hobby Boss:

Z-10 "Chinese Helicopter",1:72, new tool (already released)


Bell UH-1D "Slick", 1:48, re-issue

Wessex HAS.3, 1:48, new variant

Wessex HU.5 Falklands, 1:48, new variant

HH-60H Rescue Hawk, 1:72, re-issue (already released)

AB-212/ UH-1N, 1:72, re-issue with new decals

AW-101 Merlin "Skyfall", 1:72, new variant (already released)

Hughes AH-6 Night Fox, 1:72, re-issue

Kamow Ka-50 „Hokum“, 1:72, re-issue - Model Set

(It seems that Italeri dropped their previously announced H-34-Variant of the 48 Wessex kit due to the Gallery/MRC Kit)


EC-135 ADAC, 1:32, new tool

EC-135 "Flying Bulls", 1:32, new tool (or re-issue of old one) - gift set

Westland Lynx HAS.3, 1:32, new variant (already released)

CH-53GA, 1:48, re-issue with new parts

TAH-1F "Flying Bulls", 1:48, re-isse - gift set

EC-135 ADAC, 1:72, new variant - snap fit kit

MBB BK-117 "Space Design", 1:72, re-issue

MD H MD-520N, 1:72, new tool (still listed at Nuremberg but release unsafe)

Mil Mi-24 Hind, 1:72, cooperation Zvezda

CH-53G, 1:144, re-issue

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Hi Troshi. I think you might find the Wessex HAS Mk3 from Italeri is the 72nd kit re-issued as per the pics on IPMS Deutscheland site and the pic of the box art as part of their Falklands anniversary edition. However with the new 48th scale kit, I would not rule out a new HAS Mk3 Wessex as the HU Mk5 kit is 80% ready.

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I really want to know more about the Revell MD520N (doing the Profiline one at the moment and enjoying it).

It's a shame the "OH-6A" has the later-style windows as I don't believe we've ever had an accurate Cayuse in 1/72, but combining it with some high skids will make for some happy 500C/369HS builders...myself included!

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Thanks for the info on the NOTAR. Too bad I missed the Profiline kit when it was available.



You can still get it. I got mine at the end of last year. link

Not overall impressed with them but I got it.

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