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The Academy kit is a big improvement from an accuracy standpoint over the Revell kit. But it is not a great kit overall. Just depends on what your modeling mission is, and where you are as a modeler.

The Academy kit has dimensions that are more in line with the real thing, where the revell kit is more like 1/44 scale. However, the newer Great Wall Hobby MiG-29 kit is BY FAR the most accurate MiG-29 on the market (in any scale). The downside is it's 3x the price of the Academy kit.

So if you want something very accurate, then you purchase the GWH kit, if you just want a inexpensive build that is a better representation of the MiG-29, then the Academy kit isn't awful. That said, there are definitely some tricky parts about building it. The fuselage is overly complicated in order to allow for multiple variants to be tooled from common parts, this results in a less than easy build - particularly of the forward fuselage.

Many here are driven PURELY by accuracy, and will not take any other factor into account when reviewing a potential subject for somebody. So keep that in mind as others give their opinions about really ANY kit.

The best MiG-29 is the GWH, no other is even close. But as I noted above, it really depends on where you are as a modeler and what YOUR kit grading criteria are.


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