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Philippine Airforce acquires 12 new jets

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l guess the Philippines are wary of china's intentions and seeing they been aggressive of late in that area. Not really sure these jets can do much but the 12 are better then nothing which they had since they retired their F-5As back in 04 and been using OV-10 broncos for a bit,

interesting jet sort of a cross between the F-18 and the F-16

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The T-50 trainer is South Korean developed, based on the F-16 and developed with assistance from Lockheed Martin. Looks like this fighter variant is what the F-5 was to the T-38. Should be a fairly capable little aircraft for what it's designed to do.

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Hmmm, interesting. Specially since they turned down second hand F-16C's from the US on the grounds of lack of funding.

The second hand F-16s might have cost more than these new jets.Besides they might have wanted something easier to maintain and use than an F-16 given their limited budget.

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