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Iraqi Air Force

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I can't locate any pictures showing the wind placement of national markings, just those on the fuselage. Anyone have pictures, including the standard camo schemes?

Also, did Iraq use MiG 27s in the Gulf War and/or the war with Iran?

The triangle markings on the wings were placed in a way that top of the triangle was facing forward when the wings weren't swept back - 16° if I'm correct. My English is bad, don't know how to explain it in other words... I'll try to find you a photo...

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The Iraqi Air Force never had the MiG 27, only the MiG 23BN. As for the wing insignia I have looked in the Harpia book about the Iraqi Air force and it shows the underside of a MiG 23MS showing the triangle pointing forwards when the wings are swept fully back.

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