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F/A-18E Kestrels CAG (Digi Camo)

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Hi everybody

I would like to share 1/72 F/A-18E. The digital camouflage scheme was came from decals, and add some rivets on fuselage and wing.

The kit was quite easy to be assembled and decals are thin and pliable but strong.


And I found the GBU-31 came from Revell set is pretty cool, but masking for painting is absolutely a nightmare...










Thanks for looking.

Regards, CN

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Awesome, I've got those decals for an upcoming Super Hornet Build. What shade of gray did you use for the overall gray under the decals?

Hi, actually I hesitated to use Mr. Color #307 or #308, finally I picked #308(FS36375) and looks not bad.

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I believe those are from DXL Decals from taiwan. They released this one in 72nd as well as 48th scale. I might get one in the 48th scale myself since I learned they were printed by cartograf.


Yes, DXL Decal is a Taiwan brand, the quality is pretty good.

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