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Help! Trees For Vietnam Diorama

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Can anyone suggest some trees that would be suitable for a Vietnam War diorama? I'm hoping to find some species that are readily available as diorama miniatures. Trees planted in the country's cities would be okay. I don't know my trees well enough to be able to identify any from the old pics I've seen. I'm sure the French must have imported some non-native varieties. I'd sure appreciate any help I can get.

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the flora can often be divided into elevations in Vietnam. Lower elevations are much more tropical like. There you'll see banana trees and coconut palms, as well a the normal stuff one would think of. There was also a fur like evergreen that was often seen on the coast line. The further west you went, the more it was like the mountains in the eastern half of the United States. You had to get into double and triple canopy jungle to start seeing banana plants again. Even then you'd see large teak wood trees, and a few others. Yet once you started climbing again, it reverted back to something like the Smokey Mountains (actually looks just like it). Interestingly, you didn't see a lot of large trees in the cities per say. Maybe in Saigon or another very large city, but the ones up north didn't have a lot of trees. You would see bushes, small plots of things like pineapple and vegetables as well as rice paddies right up to the edge of the towns. The country for the most part it gets somewhat arid in about eight weeks after the monsoon quits. The time of the monsoon season varies the further north you go. Plus at higher elevations it gets a little chilly.


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