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Looking For Help With Bases

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Hi everyone,

I have recently finished painting two figures of Legend Production "Sniper Team" kit, and I have been thinking about making sort of a "Mini Diorama" for it.

I need help finding a base that will fit to it.

I thought about an eliptic base, or burnt wood base or something similar.

I would like if you can help me with it.

The Figures:



Thanking you in advanced,

Eran Reches.

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Good job!

What scale the figure are?

I can suggest you don't use a too larger base,in this ways the vinette don't result dispersive and help to focus on the figures.

A simple basic figure rule... :rolleyes:/>/>



Thank you for your comment!

The figures are 1/35 scale.

Eran Reches.

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The styrofoam works great, I have used it on a lot of kits. I also use a lot of wood plaques from craft stores. Don't forget to look outside the box for kit bases though. Here are a few examples of things that I have used.

This is one of those 5x7 clear plastic box picture frames:


This is one of those plastic things that you can buy to make your own buttons. You print out your own picture and put it inside. There is a pin on the back to pin it to your shirt. I find that they make great bases for egg planes:



The bottom of this base is one of those plastic trays that you buy frozen shrimp on. I just liked the shape of it. I flipped it upside down and filled it with plaster to reinforce it.


The bottom of this base was made from the top of a cottage cheese container.


The bottom of this base was made from a plastic Sushi take out platter.


This base was made from a piece of packing foam from a DVD player. I covered it with Durhams water putty.


This one was made from an old heater that I thought looked a little like an old radio.


Here are some other things that I thought had interesting shapes and threw in the junk drawer for possible bases. An icecrea container lid, the top from a broken yard light, an incence tray, and an orange juice lid.


These probably wouldn't work for your sniper team but keep your eye out for other projects.


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