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20,000 posts!!! Where is my free beer?

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I just hit 20,000, does not some one owe me a beer or something? Or should I shut up and build a model?271.gif

Heh, as many posts as built Phantom's now? :D

I'd buy you a beer, heck I'd buy you a six pack.

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I think they send it to you by mail but you have to make the beer from a beer making kit. Do they even still sell that homebrew kit from those latenite ads? No need to shut up just keep on building Phantom. I take my toque off to you, sir, for reaching 20-G's.

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Due to Sequestration, starting March 1st no more posting for you until early September. rofl.gif

Does not apply, I'm Canadian, our government is not in your position. Ours has always been cheap.

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