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Red Hawks Eagle - 142nd FW Portland, OR

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Just finished this, 48th Revell/Monogram F-15C Eagle with appropriate updates, used spare Academy main wheels, cut and dropped the ailerons, made the LAU-28 missile rails from plastic stock, cut small pieces of a paper bag with red print for the vent covers and trimmed a plastic red bag for the streamers. Caracal Models decals for the wing jet of the 142nd Fighter Wing, Portland Oregon.






thanks for looking,



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Sweet, beautifully done Ken :thumbsup:/>

Hi Ken,

Glad this one popped back up as I missed it the first time round.

Lovely looking Eagle. Good job. :thumbsup:/>


I gotta echo what GW said, and I might add you made that old Monogram boxing a lot better than I think even they envisioned :thumbsup:/> :thumbsup:/> B)/>


WOW!! :wub:/>

That is one EXQUISITE , GORGEOUS looking Red Hawks Eagle.

The red just oozes S.EXINESS. It looks quite HOT and the base is excellent too..


thanks a lot guys!

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