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1/72 Italeri AC-119K Stinger Gunship

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Thanks for the kind words on my Stinger build everyone , they are very much appreciated .

The kit was quite expensive , I bought it from a seller on amazon.com while I was searching around for some reference books ,

I had been wanting one for years , so I figured I may as well 'bite the bullet' and buy it , as it could be a long time before another comes around .

Anyway , as a follow on to the AC-119K build , I'm just doing the final touches on my Italeri 1/72 B-57G Canberra


I should have some finished pic's to post shortly .

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Very nice job. Although, I would suggest a light weathering with a very thin mix of black and brown.

This is also a kit that Italeri is planning to re-release in 2013. Checked in my shopping list!!!


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I bought 3 of these kits (Factory Sealed) at an auction and about 2 years ago. Later I gave all 3 of them away as a prize for my Local Hobby Shop without ever looking in the boxes.... You have made me wish I'd kept at least one of the kits... GREAT JOB on the build!!!!


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Two very outstanding builds....those Boxcars would have been relegated to scrap...the conversion extended their service and gave them some B-a-d a-s-s attitude and some arse punting they did.

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