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New: Walkaround Search Engine

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We just created this Walkaround Search Engine

We all use walkarounds to super detail our models.

Great websites include ARC and Primeportal with hundreds of them. But there are many smaller websites as well. Personal websites, club pages,... including a lot of interesting stuff as well. These are difficult to find in Google.

The scale modeler search engine of Scalemates.com now includes "Walkarounds" as well.

4500+ walkaround links of 20+ websites, nicely categorised by topic, with thumbnail preview.

(We know there are many more, these are constantly being added by our crawler or manually by our members.)

Try it out, you will like it


Kind regards


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I think your selling yourself short calling it a "walkaround" search engine. While they certainly are present, my favorite parts of the search engine aren't mentioned here. I really love the history of the kit timeline feature, the fact that your search engine lists all (or most?) available aftermarket for the kit your searching for, and even the ability to filter by scale.

I'm working on a 1/72 Hasegawa Hornet, and was able to find out that kit was originally released in 1980 and my particular boxing, in 1990. The history timeline of the kits is a COOL feature!

Check it out here

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