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Tamiya 1/48 Corsair, OOB apart from the Arrow Graphics decals. Very very old decals. Like 23 years old. More silvering then I would like. Model did recieve three coats of Future before the dull coat. So imagaine the silvering Before the extra coats.





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I'm going to post this here but mostly just to share it. Went to dinner last night at a down home country restaurant wih a huge gift store. Saw this sitting there so I had to get it.


Just a simple laser cut pe sheet to build it. Builds up like so...


Took me about an hour. It's quite fiddly and some nice Jewelers needle nose pliers would be ideal. Anyway when you're done you get this.





This doesn't need to be raffle worthy or anything just thought I'd share. They're actually pretty cool. I also picked up a Huey and by the back of the package it looks like they have a P-51 as well.

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I got one of those PE corsairs too! I made the Eiffel tower for Mrs. CorsairMan and did the F4U for myself. The Eiffel tower was rock solid. The F4U is a little flimsy.

Yea they've got some really cool looking subjects. Did you get the wing supports in right? Once I got those in mine is pretty solid. The only parts that give any form of wiggle are the tail and the wheels otherwise the wings and gear legs are firmly stuck. I was generally impressed with it and may look to get more. Could make cool Christmas ornaments out of them.

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Lots of other photos of the completed build in my thread below. Here's how this model turned out. All in all, a relatively easy build.


Thanks to "C" for moderating.


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Hallo! I managed to finish my first Group Build on time. Here are some photos of my 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1D.






Thanks to CorsairMan for moderating. I had a lot of fun in building this plane for the Group Build.

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