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1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

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  • 2 weeks later...

Brief update for today,

I wanted to see how the reworked MK-82's looked on the jet, not too shabby.


I forgot to address these before so, I had to go back and add the access panel / embedded antenna to the ventral fins.


I also went back and added the "panel fastener" detail to the fuel tank access panels.



Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and, remember those overseas who can't be with their families today.


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Thanks Alpagueur, much appreciated.

Small up date for tonight,

I've always wanted to do a Tomcat going vertical and I figured since I already have one Big Cat displayed in level flight, this would be the perfect opportunity to give this a shot. The base itself is 26" X 26", made out of

2 pieces of 3/4 inch MDF glued together. I chose MDF because it's ALOT easier to drill than solid wood. In order to find the exact spots for the 2 inch acrylic rods I threw this frame together temporarily. This will mimick

the glass and / or acrylic case I will need.


I then took 2 pieces of PVC pipe and cut them at different angels until I came up with the angel and pitch I was looking for and also stayed inside that 26 X 26 square. The base was then sent to a machinest and the holes were

bored. I picked up the base Friday night and couldn't wait to test everything out. Everything worked out perfectly and she sits just how I wanted. Today was dry, no wind and, the sun was peaking out so, I had to set up outside

for some photos. I know you all have seen the finished parts attached to the airframe before and I don't mean to bore you with redundant photos. I have to do this for myself because this is another small step forward and this

also helps keep me motivated during this very lenghtly rebuild. There are a few small items that need to be addressed yet on the airframe before the primer stage but, I am getting close. I am extremely happy with how everything

is going so far and I'm very much looking forward to the primer / painting stage. For those of you who are still interested, I hope you enjoy the pics and, thanks for sticking around.





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this model is simply stunning! :jaw-dropping:

I've always wanted a big cat, but when I get around to it, it will be a 1/32 which is huge, I can only imagine how impressive this thing looks up close. Fantastic work, and I think the display cabinet like you're doing is the way to go, awesome way to display an awesome model!

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Thank you all for the very gracious replies, much appreciated.

Chuck, I am humbled by your compliments considering your skills with plastic.

I am currently working on the leading edges of the Big Cat. There are panels that are not quite correct and lots of flush rivet fasteners that need to be applied. Hoping to have some pics up for you all shortly. Again, thank

you all for following along.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Greetings all,

Marcel and airea, thanks for your compliments guys.

Today's update is about fixing / adding detail to the leading edges of the Tomcat's wings. There are seven access panels on each of the leading edges of the Cats wings. I am assuming these are for maintenance purposes. The ones

on my jet are not quite correct. Referring back to the pics, that were graciously supplied by John S at the top of page #23, I set out to correct them and replicate the details that were missing.


The access panels are too big and should not be seen on the top of the leading edge, except the last one out by the wingtip light. I used some thick CA glue and accelarator, to speed up the sanding process, to fill in the

incorrect lines and re-scribed the correct lines where they should be.


Once this was finished I turned my attention to the underside of the wings. There are lots of access panels, for the leading edges but, they lack "panel fastener" detail so that was added as well. I applied some Tamiya panel line

wash to check everything.



Next came the task of laying out for all the flush rivets that are very noticeable on the Cats leading edges. On the underside of the wing I ran a piece of masking tape to act as my straightedge and also so I knew where to stop.



On the topside I layed out evenly spaced marks with a ruler and drew myself some reference lines for the details to be added. I made myself a bendable straightedge, out of .010" sheet plastic, to keep everything in line. I layed

out evenly spaced marks on the plastic as reference points, lined the straightedge up with my pencil marks on the top and underside and, taped it in place. Now all I had to do was make a mark, with my embossing tool, at each

pencil mark.


Yes this took quite a bit of time to do but, as you can see from the photos, I think it was well worth it. The leading edge looks correct now and it adds interest. IMO it was a detail that needed to be there, especially in this

scale. More Tamiya panel line wash was used to check the results.




So, with one wing down and one to go, it's time to get back to it. Thank you all for staying interested and checking in and until the next update.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Please remember those, who can not be home with their families at this time of year, who keep us safe and free.


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Very nicely executed and clean work there, Steve.

I'm starting to think that your model has more detail apparent than a full size 'Cat'!

(Which I like, because - call it a puritanical bent in me - I think models should educate you or at least teach you something about the original.

An aspect the 'just build it and stop complainin' brigade miss out on IMHO).

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Wow, now that's a lot of rivets! Great job Steve.

Thanks John.

Very nicely executed and clean work there, Steve.

I'm starting to think that your model has more detail apparent than a full size 'Cat'!

Thanks chek, just trying to get her as accurate as possible.

Awesome detailing Steve, just awesome! I smile when I see you using Tamiya panel line wash and the Megatool.

Thanks so much Chuck, thanks for the tips as well.


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Wow Steve, all I can say is amazing work all around and the case you're making will bring it all to life. Looking forward to the finished product!

Thanks wardog, very kind of you to say. I'm honored especially coming from someone of your caliber. I can only imagine how one of these Cats would look after you worked your magic on it.

Today's updates,

The detail work is finished on both leading edges finally !!



Something else that should have been addressed before now but, better late than never I guess. The panel lines on the leading edge / wing glove fairings were not correct. The top did not line up with the bottom half and, others

shouldn't be there at all. The WHITE fingers point to the incorrect and filled in panel lines. The BLACK fingers point to the corrected and rescribed panel lines. Tamiya panel line wash was used to check the work.



I've also started to address the weekly / daily door hinges as well. JSI used raised detail for the original hinges and this was lost during the sanding of the airframe. The real one on the aircraft is similar to a piano hinge.

I decided to use some 0.6mm round lead wire from UMM-USA for starters. I scribed out the plastic where the wire will sit so once the wire is in the groove only half of the wire sits above the surface and super glued them in place.

I think I will use an artists pencil, to recreate the "fingers" or hash lines of the hinge. I think this will be enough to draw the eye to the hinges without being overpowering, we'll see.


Thanks to all who are still following along and thanks for stopping by and having a look. Until the next update .....


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