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Rules (<--- Read these! There will be a test!)

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Hi and welcome to the Second ARC What-If Group Build!

Certainly glad you've joined us. Your hosts will be "hornet97" and "ChernayaAkula". Any problems, fell free to ask. :thumbsup:

First things first: rules! Whiffery needs rules? A couple, not many, and mostly related to the nature of a Group Build.

1. Duration: March 1st 2013 - September 1st 2013

2. What can be built? Anything! Sky's the limit. Since ARC now includes armour, cars, ships and figures, these subjects will also be good to go for the What-If GB. Anything from very plausbile whifs that will have the boffins doubting their memory to bat-err...guano insane stuff that would have left Jules Verne clapping enthusiastically.

3. Builds should be more or less unstarted. A couple parts assembled, maybe a cockpit, but not a full build that's just in need of a lick of paint.

4. Have fun! <--- The most important rule, actually! B)

5. I was just kiddin'. There won't be a test. ;)

That's it with the rules. Take Rule 4 to heart (the one about having fun)! :woo:

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Greetings !!!!

Ok, I have just started ...something between F-22 / F-14...it is called NATF!

Where can I start a post and what else do I have to do to enter this GB???

Thanks in advance!!!

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The other Group Builds are kicking our butts, both in terms of participation and enthusiasm. :(/>/>

Not if I have something to say about it :sunrevolves:


Seriously, I just left work for the next three weeks behind. I am really looking forward to start my South African MiG-21...

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You are up against a couple REALLY good ideas. Of course one of them involving PHANTOMS and you just can not beat that.

Mind you, I have built one, plan one doing one more what if and maybe two.

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