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A couple of hours ago I bought a few items directly from Eduard site and after that switched to a German online shop to get some more stuff. On that other site they offer Eduard too, and in the moment of foolish curiosity I checked the prices... and I almost fainted. Every single Eduard item was considerably cheaper than at Eduard's! MiG 21 exhaust that I just payed 15.2€ was offered for 10€! That's 30% for Gods sake! And no, it was not on sale, and prices on both sites were VAT excluded.

Thank you Eduard, but you won't have a dime from me ever again.

Rant mode off.

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Sorry, but can't say i feel sorry for you at all.

1: Eduard is a company. They are supposed to make money. They set MSRP that they follow. If they sell their stuff *cheaper* than other shops, they are shooting themself in the leg. Normal shops almost never follow MSRP, the prices are almost always lower.

2: You are free to do research before actually buying anything.

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I can understand your frustration, but how is this Eduard's fault?

There are a lot of places that sell direct to the public and at 'premium' (RRP) prices.

There are always places where you can get items cheaper. I even buy from a certain Far East wholesale outfit because they offer free postage on items that are cheaper than buying them Europe, even though that's where they originated from.

I'm not sure you should be cross with Eduard, maybe take the time to shop around?

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Eduard as the manufacture doesn't want to compete with its bulk customers...the retailer. Almost all manufactures that provide their product directly to general public with a base of retailers, will usually never discount their product so not to upset the bulk of their buyers...in this case the retailer. So you shouldn't get ticked off at Eduard, its part of their business plan.

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Just because you paid more than what you think is fair doesn't mean Eduard's products aren't superior. They are. Sorry you got burned on the higher price. It's happened to all of us before (even those of us who deny it!).

Better luck next time.


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Well paying more for a product without looking for better price is customers problem. However if we connect this to the other currently popular Eduard thread, I simply don't see the reason why joining that Bunny club, as despite the discount, I'll be still paying more than from other retailers - and no, I have no interest in Bunny T-shirt - unless there's one of Heffner's bunnies on it :D

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Some years ago I emailed Eduard asking why their prices were higher than the other online stores. I got a very pleasant reply saying that they price their products so as not to compete with their retailers. Nice to see a manufacturer respect the retailers.

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Blame the bunny rabbit, the little bastard is behind all of this......

Oh, sure, now the bunny's gonna get a persecution complex. Yeah...blame the bunny, take the easy way out. :whistle:/>/>

To the OP: Yes, it is wise to research the item that you're looking for first. That way you don't get burned like you just did.

To take an example: I'm Canadian, I shoot photography. Need a 600mm f/4 lens.

I can buy the lens at 4 locations.




Lens & Shutter

Adorama - 600mm f/4 lens is $9,799.00 US w/ US Warranty.

B&H - $9,799 US w/US Warranty

Vistek - $9,599 CDN + Taxes&Shipping

Lens & Shutter - $9,699 + taxes

Where do you think I'd buy the lens at?

If you think that I'd go Vistek b/c it's the cheapest...you might be close, but you'd also be wrong. The shipping on a lens is far considerably higher than the $100.00 difference in price and the taxes even based on a sale price of $100.00 difference and I can walk out of Lens & Shutter with it - no shipping b/c the store is in the Fraser Valley where I live. On top of that. Buying a lens from a Canadian retailer nets you a Canadian warranty which means I don't have to ship the damned thing off to the US to get it repaired if the darned thing croaks.

Now in your case, it's a model part (aftermarket) that you're dealing with. Yes, you got burned 5 Euros. The fact of the matter is that it may be easier to swallow when it's 5E as opposed to dealing with thousands of dollars when you talk about photography lenses. The experience teaches you to research prices before you end up making a painful mistake that costs you well over a thousand dollars and may not be rectifiable. Research your prices before you make a buying decision. And remember you may make mistakes along the road. It's a lesson well learned.

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