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Umm , well today has been a bit of a mini disaster

After several light coats of paint using the H-305 , I wasn't completely happy with the finish as I could still see the remains of the camouflage patten outlines from earlier .

So I decided for a quick but gentle paint strip back using some Mr Muscle


I left the lid on the plastic box for about twenty minutes and then using an old tooth brush I started to gentle scrub the paint off .

This was working quite well until the helo slipped from my grasp and hit the floor , with one of the sponsons coming off .


Sooooo, now I've decided to go with plan 'D' and grab another Revell HH-3E kit from the shelf and not completely start over but use the all the interior pieces from the first build and just replace the fuselage halves , new canopy and windows .


All my scratch built pieces are still in good order , that's where the bulk of the work was . So it shouldn't take too long to respray the fuselage insides , touch up the cockpit with a little paint , glue in the windows and then glue everything back inside the fuselage halves and glue together .


My apologise to everyone for stuffing things up , it should only take three days to get back on track and start the painting again . Later on I'll clean up the original fuselage halves and canopy and put them aside to use on the next HH-3E build . Their too expensive to completely scrap , at $30 for each of these Revell kits , I'm not about to throw anything away .

Again , sorry guy's . No more stuff-ups , I promise :stupid:

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If it was just one minor issue with the paint finish I probably wouldn't have changed anything . In the end , I just wasn't happy with the camouflage patten and the wrong shade of grey was the tipping point . I'm more embarrassed than upset ; I would rather do things over than keep going and not like the finished model .

Yesterday I cut open the side cabin door and added some plastic strip to the opening as I did with the first build .


I also added some plastic strip to the bottom edge of the sponsons and glued the landing gear struts in place

I decided to use some spare lindberg main rotors and after glueing them to the center hub , I clamped the rotor assembly upside down onto a dinner plate and placed it outside in the sun for a day and a half to obtain a slight droop in the main rotor blades


I finished airbrushing the fuselage insides late this morning and I'm now glueing the cockpit , cabin floor and interior pieces into place along with the cabin windows


I also made a nose access door with a light fitted from some 1 thou plastic sheet and I found some PE windshield wipers and couple of vents to use as well


I just finished spraying the main rotors and I'm happy with the slight rotor droop


So everything is going okay for a second time around , I should have the fuselage halves together by tomorrow and the seems puttied .

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I'm making steady progress on the replacement HH-3E


I just need to sand a little more putty around the engine intake piece and a small section on the nose , then I'll glue the canopy on .

I also started fixing the first HH-3E build and cut a new piece of plastic for the cabin floor and a second cockpit bulkhead/instrument rack . I was trying to decide what colour scheme to do for the original build and looked through Squadrons H-3 Sea king book and saw this pic


It's a bit hard to see at first but there is the California Air Guard stencilling on the external fuel tank .

I then decided to have a extensive look through my decal stash , starting with the 25 sets of Wolf Pack decals I have ;


It turns out I have a 'ton' of ANG markings I didn't realise I had . I wanted to find the 'Air Guard' logo that's on a shield , that's the same as what's on the California HH-3E .

One of the Wolf pack sheets has some markings for an A-7D Oklahoma ANG


I'm thinking of borrowing the two Air Guard logo's for my HH-3E


If it's okay with you Spectre , I'll keep both builds under the one topic , an HH-3E New York ANG ( Euro One scheme) and a HH-3E California ANG (ADC grey with black bordered yellow tail band).

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I'm still plugging away on the HH-3E builds .


The New York Air Guard helo is finally ready to mask for painting . I made some more cabin seats for the California ANG HH-3E and I decided to paint those red . One small thing that has been a little frustrating is I have had to make three rear cabin floor pieces as the first two pieces cracked ; One when filing the edges smooth after cutting and the next one when I pulled the masking tape off after spraying the non slip black down the center . Unfortunatly the third one just cracked now , near the end when I tried to take the slight bow in the floor piece by bowing back in the opposite direction .


I'll just glue it back on , I don't feel like making a fourth one and I want to get the second HH-3E glued up and puttied .

More WIP pic's shortly .

John .

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Hi Spectre ;

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks since my last post . Anyway I have overcome my wrist injury and I should be back into the build in the next day or so . I'm looking forward to getting both HH-3E builds finished so I can move onto other Reserve builds .

John .

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