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Hi there,

As I wrote in the title, I placed an order for some hard to find items a couple of weeks ago.

Back then, there were plenty in stock. As I am waiting for my payment to be approved (whatever the deal is with this), the items are now listed as out of stock. Does this mean my order is cancelled?

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You won't get a reply. Kim is no longer here.

You'd be better of cancelling your order and getting your money back. I've always had good things to say about Hobbydecal, I've told many people about them and used their products very happily until I ran into an issue with my F/A-18E dry transfers. Now he doesn't reply. I'm stuck with transfers that don't do what I want.

No reply to emails or to private messages etc etc for months now.

Waste of time.

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Well, I haven't paid yet.

I received my last order from him withn 2 weeks after payment. This was in February. I didn't find it out of the ordinary for a small business. No idea why it takes this long now.

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My last order disappeared from the system. I tried several times to pay for my order, but the link was not active.

Oh well.. Just as Loki wrote.. Waste of time. There is no customer support!

I deleted my account there.

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Would this Kim be the same one of Pontos Model which produced aftermarket parts for warship models ? If yes, then he would be very busy with those model warship parts and thus not responding in Hobby Decal. Damn, my order......... may be we could ask this in the warship forum.



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