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1/32 Tamiya P-51D Mustang in WW-II

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For your perusal is my latest effort after approximately 9 months of work, the 1/32 Tamiya kit for the P-51D Mustang. I threw everything I could for after-market stuff at this build, including the following:

1) Web Garden seatbelts + wood floor + dinghy, #132071. These appear to be the best seat belts out there made of microfiber fabric.

2) BarracudaCast Cockpit Sidewalls, # BR32012

3) BarracudaCast Instrument Panel, # BR32013

4) BarracudaCast Cockpit Upgrade, # BR32014

5) BarracudaCast Paper Droptanks, # BR32016

6) Barracudacast Mustang Diamond Tread Tires, # BR32029

7) Eduard BIG ED photo-etch brass kit, including:

- Exterior, # 32302

- Engine, # 32307

- Interior- Early, # 32712

- Gun Bay- Early, # 32732

- Masking Set, # JX136

8) Aires Browning M2 .50 cal. Electric Wing Mounted Guns, # ARS 2012

9) LOTS of scratch-built bits here and there as well as full wiring and plumbing in the gear bays, cockpit and engine.

For decals, I used Zotz decals (ZTZ32/042) for P-51D-10-NA, 44-14570, flown by Capt. Ted E Lines, of the 335th FS 4th Fighter Group. I also used a complete decal sheet of stencils from Fundekals (highly recommended) and BarracudaCals cockpit stencils and placards (also highly recommended). I chose this Mustang partly for the cool nose art but also because it was very dirty, which I love to try and replicate in my builds for those who have followed them before.

For reference material, I used the following:

1) How to build Tamiya's 1:32 P-51D Mustang by Brett Green (highly recommended)

2) North American P-51 Mustang- Owners workshop Manual (Haynes)

3) P-51 Mustang by Michael O'Leary

4) North American P-51D Mustang by Robert Peczkowski (highly recommended)

I have a LONG WIP thread here for those who might want to see all the gory details of this build- both good and bad- so check further in the thread to make sure I got it right the first time, which wasn't all the time! Special thanks to those who helped immensely along the way, especially Jari (Finn) and Christian (Tourist) who kept me relatively on track as I stumbled along. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! The wings were puttied both top and bottom as they were from the factory, but I let some of the rivet and panel line detail show through to replicate wear and tear. It came out a bit stronger than I had planned, but oh well!

Build thread is here:

P-51D Build Thread

So here's the pics in no real particular order....











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A few more...









Now two pics with old friends, the 1/32 Academy CF-18B...


and the last build I made, the 1/32 Tamiya F-4E...


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Hi Chuck,

This one turned out to be an absolute stunner.

Gorgeous build! I followed your in-progress thread being astounded with what I've seen. Your meticulous approach and keen attention to the details is commendable. Your craftsmanship is top notch. And I can say that each your build kicks your bar higher and higher.

Very nice metal finish. It looks as if it's real metal. Very deft painwork and weathering. I would say the model is a real but scaled down thing.

Congrats! Your Mustang is a real masterpiece!

Cheers and happy modeling!


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Hi Chuck,

An absolutely fantastic build with the final photos being pure inspiration!

Your build threads are a journey to be enjoyed from start to finish, both in terms of learning about the subject and your innovative modelling tips and techniques.

Thank you for sharing your passion.


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Hey Chuck, Does the word "WOW" mean anything to you?!?! Maybe AMAZING?!?! Builds like this and the F-86 that ANZO posted (yesterday?) are in a class by themselves. Your P-51 next to a couple of your "kerosene hogs" makes for a nice "Heritage Flight." Sadly to say, those may be winding down due to the garbage that is sifting out of Washington, D.C.

I'm sorry, but I just had to get that in there. Again, great job, as usual.

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Like most kits, this one fought me a few times, but I don't think there's another aircraft kit on the market at any scale that's as high in quality and overall accuracy. I'll build another one one day, but next time it'll be a "restored" P-51D in very shiny polished aluminum. That would be cool.

I like the shots with the CF-18 & the F-4. Nice size comparisons.

Me too! Since I had my photo stuff all set up, I thought I'd throw a couple of the old builds in there to see what the differences were for size. When I picked up the F-4E I quickly realized what a huge pig it really is. No wonder you guys all do 1/48!

As mentioned by balls47, this does remind you of the Heritage Flight which I've seen many, many times. The jet aircraft may change, but there's always a Mustang to lead the way. Pretty sad that it's over- for at least a while anyway.

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Hi Chuck,

Congratulations on the 'stang! The finished model is beautiful...and your detailed construction log so helpful and informative.

Indeed, your contibutions have "kicked up a notch" the overall value of this forum.



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As mentioned in the progress thread; it's a beauty!

Your photography is also very good but I have one gripe, I think you should pick a dark grey background, the whole thing would look even better.

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