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Guelph Officer Killed in a traffic accident while Responding

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We are considered a 'Bedroom' community to Toronto as Most of us (myself included) commute to work in Toronto. Takes about 50 Minutes to get to work. Toronto is out of the price range for most middle class to own a home, so what I can afford in rent in T.O. I can afford as a mortgage in Guelph. My biggest expense would be my automobile and time which still is worth it.

Definite hit to our small community where nothing real happens.

A Funeral is planned for next week with full Honours.


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My deepest and most heartfelt sympathies and condolences to her family and friends. Losing someone who stands between us and all that is bad and wrong is never good. No matter the circumstances.

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...but we do not know if there were any extenuating circumstances that caused her to do that... :coolio:

Even so, an officer has lost her life ,and I am sure she was probably trained well as most of us officers are retrained to drive { you are told to forget how you drive your car as you relearn to drive the police way} patrol cars safely at speed and even in fast response training it is rigorous.

Not having a go at anyone but it's just that POLICE OFFICERS are trained well to use their equipment... :salute:

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Reading that brief article, sounds like they need to train their people how to better handle the equipment they operate...

'crossed the line and hit a bus'

That night there was a snowfall and I am sure the anxiousness of getting to helping the other officer was paramount... Not making an excuse just saying stuff does happen that no amount of training will ever prevent.


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A young woman lost her life serving the community she was sworn to protect. Death in the line of duty is a risk every police officer takes when they swear their oath of office. I don't know any of the circumstances surrounding the incident so I will not speculate on what happened. The investigation into the collision will shed some light into what happened to cause Cst. Kovach to lose control of her cruiser but even then we still may not know all the facts. There are many possibilities that caused the loss of control, including some that may have been outside her control. To speculate on what happened before all the facts are known is human nature but let's see where the investigation goes before we determine the cause and make recommendations. Right now, the focus needs to be on supporting Cst. Kovach's family, friends, platoon mates and the members of the Guelph Police Service and not speculating on the needs of improved training.

I would attend the funeral but I will be supporting my wife who is burying her father the same day that Cst. Kovach's family will bury Jennifer. However I will be at the National Police and Peace Officer's Memorial Ceremony on Parliament Hill on 29 September to honour all those fellow police and peace officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the community. If the investigation into the collision and Cst. Koavch's death reveal a training deficiency, rest assured it will be addressed in order to lessen the chance of it happening again. Let's leave the speculation at the door for the time being.

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