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1/32 Academy F/A-18 conversion sets

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Just wondering if there is a conversion set for the F/A-18C to convert it to the D. If who who make it. Also wondering what other AM is out there for these things. I have noticed cockpits and intakes. But is there any PE and correction sets out there to speak of if I wanted to keep this the C model.. thanks everyone.

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Never seen a conversion but they make a D kit although the C kit has most of the d parts anyway. You can get wheel wells for it although I think the kit ones are pretty good. Gear factor gear legs are about the best there is. Number of different resin seats and cockpits so there's that also. Not sure if Eduard makes pe sets for it but I wouldn't be surprised.

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Numerous aftermarket sets available for the kit. Not exactly a D conversion, however, you have the above mentioned sets. Also, there is a ton of PE sets available for both the D and C kits. A few companies that come to mind:

Black Box (Avionix)




Cutting Edge(Good Luck)


Lion Roar


There are alot of others that fail to come to mind at the moment. But hop on Google and go to town. HTH....


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