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M-41 Walker Bulldog

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I've been trying to decompress from my Sherman/Pershing build and came across this old school Tamiya kit at the local recently opened Hobby Lobby.

For the sake of simplicity I bought it and have been cranking out the assemblies at a pretty steady pace for about the last three weeks.

I filled all the motor control holes in the belly and the open fenders (all those gape'n holes were filled with double bubble epoxie, sanded and finish filled with Tamiya putty) so its not a see-thru model, I borrowed the head lights from my Pershing donor kit and added a few other parts to it as the assembly has progressed. Nothing really major, just little things to expand my skill set.

Last night I got the last of the grab handles on the turret installed and the travel lock for the main gun and four of the road wheels assembled.

I used a trick I learned years ago for the rubber on them, I started with a fresh Sharpie and ringed the inside of all the wheels while they were still on the sprue ( once I seal the paint later, the sharpie will look no different than black paint)and once I pick up a circle template to mask the wheel hubs I'll finish with the sharpie.

Tonight I'll take pictures of the build so far and post them in the work in progress section tomorrow.

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I put the first of the pre-shading paint on the kit this morning before I left for school. All of the air intake grills on the engine deck got a brushed on coat of flat black. Next will be all the deep seperation lines between the hull and the fenders and the weld lines. Once all the paint I'm brushing into those areas is dry I'll airbrush the same color over it to even it out. Hopefully this weekend

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