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I made lots of progress in recent weeks and actually finished the road and idler wheels as well as the drive sprockets. I got a start on the return rollers last night.

Anyway, heres the progress so far.




The underside and all the filling associated with it. I had to re-do the fenders when I tried a short cut by mixing the epoxy in the fenders, BAD idea.



The front and rear plates. I had to fill a small gap at the front with strip styrene. The gray parts are from my donor Pershing.

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I filled the drivers preiscope openings with styrene, they'll be gloss black and coated with clear gloss at the end.



Overall assembly had no surprises, just alot of filling in places. I replaced the kit suppled radio antennas with wire.

More to follow

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I kinda went a different route with the fender reinforcements. I had some wire I'd been lloking for a use for and cut it into sections then super glued it to each box.



and I slapped a coat of Squadron white putty on the only seam I had left, the area behind the idler wheels.



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Looking good so far. The wire looks nice. Also, note that there are also verticle stiffeners on the forward sponson boxes as well. You could do the same with wire for them.


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thats the next step, I took a micro drill bit and drilled pilot holes for the sections to pivot from last night and then coated them in medium CA and let them set up for about an hour. Then I went over them with a course sanding stick to give the wire a little bit of a flat exterior, how well it worked though remains to be seen.

I'll have more pictures tomorrow

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I have one of these coming and an Eduard detail set as well. I built one many years ago and remember it had a gear train for motors. If they still come with it then how did you deal with it?

Any plans for the cupola glass?

Does anyone have pictures of the belly of this tank?

What other accessories are made for this kit?

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Looking good. I am currently working on the very same kit, and have done most of the clean ups/corrections that you did. I just used sheet plastic & Acryl Blue putty instead. I also plan to add some details that are on the Royal Thai Army M-41s, which is how I am marking mine, using the Siam Scale decals. I am also working on 4 more different Thai tanks (Type 95 Ha-Go, Type 69-II, M42 Duster & M60A-1 Blazer) at the same time. When I get to where parts need to set up & dry on one tank, then I do some more work on another one.


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Looks good and brings back a few memories of my youth.  One of the first armor kits I built on my own was a Tamiya M-41 that I bought, with my own money, at a LHS outside the main gate of Kadena AB on Okinawa in the early '70s.

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