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Yesterday was the first day of spring. You know, flowers, sun and warm weather. NOT!!! Here in Cincinnati it's been either gloomy, windy, rainy or just cold. I for one am sick of winter and cold weather, but SWMBO doesn't want to move south. I can't even go play golf without getting cold. I'm building an outdoor kitchen right now and I keep stopping to go inside and warm up. This is getting stupid. It's time for the warm weather to arrive!!!

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Either people are yacking about global warming or a late winter...

Can't have both.

It's called weather. It changes a lot and its hard to predict 3 days out let alone a season, year, decade, century, Millenium, or more...

That's not political so don't make it so. I would consider it cynicism with a dash of George Carlin for good measure.

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....well I have the most amazing scenery out here.

...the green green grass of home has gone Dear.

....where once the earth looked grim and dark,

....even Tony Stark, no fear ....

.....will agree. But others may disagree,here or there....

....that it looks less 'Stark' and now,

....the earth is covered in fluffy thing, WOW, :rolleyes:

..one would call SNOW.What a BLOW :bandhead2: :bandhead2:

....I do think that it looks quite lovely,

...and every one walks upright & less slovenly,

...in case one may Fall,

but KIDS ARE HAVING A BALL,! :yahoo::nanner::banana: :wub: :wub:


....The fluffy blanketed the Kingdom throughout ,

....Which means that there will such a hullabaloo and an excuse for a blow out!! :woo: hoo.

.... I hope you are enjoying this weather that is finicky ...weird in some parts

....really it's better being cold than hot and sticky....and boozing and playing darts

RATHER PRETTY.. :yahoo: :wub:

Could not resist writing in poetry firm!! :taunt:

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The last of our mangos are picked, it gets dark earlier and stays dark later.

We had a couple of cloudy days and a few drops of rain to let us know autumn is on the way.

Soon our winter will be here, for its few weeks layover if last year is an indication. I enjoy our coastal Mediterranean climate, but the droughts do drag on.

I hope it warms up for you all, just as far as your ideal summer.


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Of course there will be those who scream about temps in the 90's on the first day of fall as well. Here in Michigan we've had 4 feet of snow for the season, but it never came in more then 5 inch increments. The biggest complaint has been the lack of sun shine. Dozens and dozens of cloudy days with snow showers and wind and temps rarely above freezing. But I keep telling myself this IS Michigan and it IS still the winter season, what do you expect? 3 months from now when the temps are 95 degrees with 95% humidity I'll be begging for a day like it is today!

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