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Hi folks,

I'd like to enter this GB with Tamiya's F4U-1A in 1/48


I may throw alittle Ultracast resin aftermarket at it.

My subject will be a FG-1A of ABG-2 in 1945



Hope to make a start this weekend :woot.gif:/>


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This is the model that got me back in the hobby a few years ago - nice pick!

The only issues I had were the wing joins - I think mine were a little warped. The next time I do this one, I am going to not follow the directions by gluing the wing tops together, reinforcing the join, and doing the same with the wing bottoms. Actually, the HB one does the same thing.

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Hi Hamm,

I have no idea where the pic was taken,info provided states that the FG-1A was taking part in a Trans-Con speed record attempt in 1945.

A quick Google search on ABG-2 indicates they were west coast based unit.

Nothing to report model wise,Got up stupid early UK time to watch the F1 and have been to busy with other stuff to get to the model bench. Plus side only a 3 day working week coming up so i'll crack on then.

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