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F-4 B/N Phantom MER info?

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Anyone have pics of the MERs used on "B & N" Phantoms? Does it have a part number/nomenclature that can be searched?

I have found pics but they are either obscuring the mounting of the weapons or are to far away to make out details.

I am wanting to add a lil detail to the MER & make sure I mount the bombs correctly.

I am building VMFA-531 Phantom from 1979.

Cheers & Semper Fi

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MER was a common bomb rack across platforms and services, so look on A-6, A-7, A-4 aircraft as well as USAF, USN and USMC F-4s. Just watch out that you don't confuse the MBR for a MER on early A-4 aircraft.

You can also look under the BRU-41 IMER, as externally they are the same as a MER.

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the designations back in those days were

A/A37B-6 MER

A/A37B-5 TER

A/A37B-1 MBR

the USAF had in Feb 1969 the MER-3, MER-9, MER-10, MER-10 Mod and MER-10C,,,,,,,,with TER-9 for the triple

The MERs differed in weight depending on whether they were on the Centerline, the outerwing weapons pylon or the outerwing tank pylon with weapons adapter,,,,,,,,I don't know which number weighed what, though

by the late seventies, any USN/USMC photo you find should be a true MER (MBRs should be gone from any fleet use by then), and all would be mounted on the same Naval centerline or mounted on the Tank Pylon with Adapter

if you grab a photo from before the Ablative coating days,,,,,you might be looking at some of the MBRs, not MERs,,,,,they were used right up into the A-7 days (you will see them now and then in photos labeled as MERs on A-7A)

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