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1/48 Roden Peacemaker conversion to Porter

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Hi Guys,

Just finished. This is the Roden 1/48 Peacemaker converted to a Pilatus Pc-6A Turbo Porter with a Ryan Hamilton conversion and painted in the markings of the Australian Army's 161 Independent Recce Flt based at Nui Dat, Vietnam (Circa 1971-72). I hope you like it. I faded the top of the aircraft to simulate the paint after sitting in the tropical heat.









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How can this very nice build have no replies? That's not right!

Great job on this not so often seen subject. I've got one of these kits in the stash too, any tips?

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Hi Andrew,

Excellent work there mate, well done! Love the colour scheme and your paintwork looks great. Good to see an Aussie bird too. I'm planning on building a skydiving version of the porter from the same kit. What was included in the conversion you got for it?


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That's a funky looking plane! Never seen one of those before. Great job on her Andrew. Your weathering really depicts the dusty environment this plane must've endured during takeoff and landing! Well done sir!

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I have actually seen 2 of these aircraft, or ones looking JUST like them, only painted in a dark 'purple' (Gunship Grey) and having DEA markings. landing, getting refueled and taking off from Avoca Airport in Avoca PA... Oh and another thing, they had a totally diffrent muffler system and a what looked like a FLIR or something in a 'bubble' turret underneath... They just looked "odd" in a 'mean' sort of way... oh yeah that was about 2010...


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