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F-22?..No...F-14?...No...maybe NATF?...maybe Yes!

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So here we are again, this time with something different that will test my modelling abilities ( thats gona be a laugh!!!)

Since my two faxourite aircraft are the 22 and the 14, it doesnt come as a suprise that a "combination" of both would satisfy my modeling ego. So..what have we got, Aca F-22, parts from Italeri F-14 and "some" Aca F-111. Is not hard to discover which one is what!!!


upload photosP3270152.jpg

pic uploadP3270151.jpg

image upload

Thats all so far..."I'll be Back"

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:woot.gif: Soooooo cool! :worship:

Didn't someone do this exact Whif a year or so ago on here. Definitely an interesting concept.

We had a single-seater F-22 with F-111 wings in the last What-If GB, I think.

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...some more work...


free image hosting ...the "finished" cockpit"...


upload a picture ...some "sensors" at nose...


free photo hosting ..."nightnare on Elm street"...


image share...the story so far...

...I am thinking of adding pylons on the wings like an F-14...just to make it look more "lethal"...what do you think???

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Time for some "painting"



upload foto.php]windows 7 screen shot[/url]

Note the diference in tone depending on the lighting conditions. Just to mention that I used Gunze H337 for the top and H308 for the bottom / sides/ and vertical tails such as VF-2 used to have. I added acklad duraluminum to give a "stealthy" sheen to the camo!

...I'll be back...

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