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I have a book which says that during 1997 3 Polish Air Force Mig 29s were evaluated by the Israeli Air Force the pictures show the Migs with just a sqn badge on the tail and POLAF markings overpainted.

Hope this helps


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I'm not sure these are the Polish eval birds from 1997.

The F-16 clips are a mix of USAF (the 56FW sharkmouth is visible on one) or other "standard" scheme operators and Israeli Baraks (family model with big spine) and Sufas (family model with big spine and CFTs).

The pictures of the MiGs in formation with the F-16s are Baraks. Or possibly Sufas without the CFTs (but I don't know why the Israelis would fly without them, possibly for ACM purposes?) That would make the formation video clips newer than 1997, wouldn't it?

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