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Filters - Intructions for use

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Hello, I' m trying to improve my techniques when building a military vehicle...Until now i didn't apply any filter to my models. Now is time to try this new thing, but I have any experience whith it. I bought AK Intercative filter for NATO vehicles, but before using it need to solve my doubts:

1) Should I use it on a matt or on a gloss acrylic surface?

2) On the bottle I read " Do not over apply, just dampen it...how does it means?

I will appreciate if you link me a walktrough/guide/tutorial.....

Thank you!

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Hi, BlackPanther! I haven't used Any AK filters yet, but I do use tube oil paints to make my own. My advice is to apply the stuff over a matte surface- the "tooth" helps to hold the pigment. As far as "Do not over apply", the idea of a filter is to add a thin glaze of color to tint the base coat. Use too much and it becomes a "wash", running into corners and giving the wrong effect. Say you have a green armor plate- smearing a thin film of red and brown will subtly change the green in random ways. It breaks up the stark, uniform green and adds a sense of scale and realism.

Good luck- and post pics, please!


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