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Now I begin a 1964ish RCAF CF-110A (maybe a J) Phantom. Its a really bad looking Monogram kit with mold in the corners of the nasty box and missing its clear parts. Luckily I have a couple Hasegawa clear parts I am going to jam in their for poops and giggles.

Its going to get early 60s RCAF markings on 1970s style paint as their was never any such thing as a natural metal Phantom.

Right now I am leaning towards 425 squadron.


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So it'll have paint or its going to be nmf? Nmf would be awesome!

Definitely a different look for the Phantom, I'd dig it.

Another option would be to use a painted Clunk or Sabre scheme, I'd dig a CF-110A in the variegated over light grey CF-100 Mk.4 scheme

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Well, I need to be off work. Seeing as I do 12 hour days and a couple in the car I do nothing model wise work days. Today I was not feeling 100% so called in sick. But I am mostly better now. Anyway here is a model.

I have some resin intake plugs which seem not to fit the Hasegawa, but DO fir the Monogram. This really cuts down on the amount of putty compared to my other Monogram Phantoms.

Hopefully more work on Tuesday or Friday, which ever day I do not get called in,


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