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1:72 Gato class Sub

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Revels 1:72 scale Gato. This beast is huge! It measures over 52 inches long. Before beginning the build, I researched other builds to make myself aware of any pitfalls or tips and short cuts. I haven't had a single issue with this build yet and would love to get myself one.



The stand is painted with a mix of Gunmetal and Stainless Steel for an industrial look. The Navy lapel pin is held on with a set of magnets so when Mr Gaca goes to his reunions, he has a nice pin to wear.


The stern assembly.


The bow.


This will give an idea on the size.


The bow planes are functional.


More soon!

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Awesome, can't wait to see more. I want to break out my Gato at some point and knock it out, but I have too much moving in my future to deal with it. I've got some good resources at hand if you have questions.



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Yes indeed! Very nice. Didn't see this build, lurking beneath the surface. (see what I did there? LOL) Definitely looking forward to see this progress.



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