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ARC homepage isn't loading for me. I can ping the server but it never loads. Anybody else having this problem too? I had to google ARC forums to find the onlinehome.us url.

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I just noticed this myself. The forums are on a different server from the ARC aites. Something isn't right.....I'll contact the hosting company.

Right!,....has been down since yesterday evening (for sure)...........???????............Appears the host server is kaput............

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Tech support rebooted the server and "repaired the file system". My guess it was something silly like a massive amount of log files were clogging the server....or something silly like that

Oddly enough I checked the 3 ARC sites and the ARC Air site was still not showing a home page but the Auto and Armor sites were fine....all reside on the same server.

The hosting computer tech support said everything was "fine".....which it wasn't.....very odd.

So....I uploaded the ARC Air homepage file to replace the file that was on the server and the homepage reappeared. I did this last night with no results.....but for some reason it was the solution today to get the final part of the fix done.

Weird....but hey....I'm just happy it is working.

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